Manufacturing Service

By aggregating partner manufacturers, we provide a unified procurement platform for sheet metal, machining, framing, and plastics. Using our original production management systems, we optimize QCD, expand capacity, and keep up with demand fluctuations.


  • 01

    Ordering from the optimal manufacturing partner.
    • Aggregation across multiple customers
    • Optimal ordering for a wide variety of custom products
    • Centralized purchasing of raw materials
  • 02

    Consolidation of similar parts to enable aggregated purchasing and manufacturing
    • Reserve manufacturing capacity based on customers' production forecasts
    • Maintain production efficiency and capacity through aggregation of customers' orders
  • 03

    Economics of scale.
    • Batch procurement of thousands of fabricated equipment parts.

Drawing Management SystemBETA

- Make data an asset to reduce procurement costs
- Analyze and manage 2D drawings on the cloud
- Streamline workflow and automate operations
- Optimize orders and standardize formats


  • 01

    Procurement Optimization.

    Optimizes supplier selection and price assessment with drawing similarity search.

  • 02

    Organizational Knowledge Management.

    Helps accumulate organization knowledge and enable data driven decision making by providing fast access to historical data.

  • 03

    Productivity Improvement / Automation

    Creates optimized search experiences, and vastly improving productivity when handling large volumes of drawings.