Greetings from CEO / Founders

Greetings from CEO

Our mission is to 'Unleash the potential of manufacturing' with the following promises.

  • 1. Create a stable supply chain of high-quality products at an affordable price for customers
  • 2. Create a stable revenue stream for our supply partners based on expertise
  • 3. Contribute to the DX of the industry with our software and services. As the first step, we will focus on parts procurement for industrial machines and factories, along with software for drawings analysis and utilization

Like a caddie in golf, CADDi strives to guide the manufacturing industry to unleash its full potential.

Yushiro Kato


Yushiro Kato

Yushiro KatoCEO

After graduating from the University of Tokyo, Yushiro started his career at McKinsey & Company where he led the procurement and IoT practice in the manufacturing industry as an Engagement Manager. In November 2017, he founded CADDi, a manufacturing platform which automatically matches buyers and suppliers, under the mission of “Unleash the potential of manufacturing.”

Aki Kobashi

Aki KobashiCo-founder & CTO

Studied electrical engineering at Stanford University. After four years of building data processing systems at Lockheed Martin in coordination with NASA and JAXA, Aki joined Apple to work on mobile products including the iPhone. Later on, he worked as a senior engineer on the development of embedded products such as the Airpods. Co-founded CADDi in late 2017.