About Us


Unleash the potential of manufacturing

We will realize a society in which all people involved in manufacturing can maximize their capabilities.
To this end, we will create a "new system" that will change the conventional structure of the industry.

There is a great deal of capabilities that remain unleashed in the manufacturing industry today.
People are too busy with quotation and administrative tasks, lacking sales skills, information and networks.
For various reasons, the industry is constrained and unable to fully demonstrate its true development and technological capabilities.
By releasing these restraints, we will unleash the potential of each company.
Our mission is to enrich the whole industry by creating great force.
Whether it is a small factory, a large manufacturer or a newly established startup,
all manufacturing companies will shine by utilizing their strengths, and many new values will be created.
We will continue to take on the challenge of pioneering such a future.

Manufacturing is a core industry in the global infrastructure. However, it is not well known that procurement costs add up to 60% of the total expenses in this industry.
Even with this significant problem, there has not been any groundbreaking innovation in this field for over 100 years.
High-mix low-volume machinery (large scale transportation, industrial, medical, etc.) accounts for a third of the total procurement costs in this industry. Many issues exist throughout the supply chain, such as unstable volume, high customization costs and inefficient procurement procedures.
At CADDi, we believe that solving these issues will allow customers to focus on high impact projects, contributing to unleash the full potential of the manufacturing industry.
This is why we developed “CADDi”, a unique B2B procurement platform that connects customers and suppliers around the globe with our automated quotation technology.


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04Uphold Integrity